Recent publications

In this section the papers published in the last five years are shown. The list shows both, publications conceived in the department, and publications where members of the department collaborated with colleagues.     

PLoSOne Hotka M, Zahradnik I (2017): Reconstruction of membrane current by deconvolution and its application to membrane capacitance measurements in cardiac myocytes. PLoS One 12: e0188452.
Eur Biophys J Mackova K, Zahradnikova A Jr, Hotka M, Hoffmannova B, Zahradnik I, Zahradnikova A (2017). Calcium release-dependent inactivation precedes formation of the tubular system in developing rat cardiac myocytes. Eur Biophys J 46: 691-703.
FrontiersPhysiol Wang YY, Mesirca P, Marques-Sule E, Zahradnikova A Jr, Villejoubert O, D’Ocon P, Ruiz C, Domingo D, Zorio E, Mangoni ME, Benitah JP, Gómez AM (2017). RyR2R420Q catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia mutation induces bradycardia by disturbing the coupled clock pacemaker mechanism. JCI Insight 2: e91872.
FrontiersPhysiol Faltinova A, Tomaskova N, Antalik M, Sevcik J, Zahradnikova A (2017). The N-terminal region of the ryanodine receptor affects channel activation. Front Physiol 8: 443.
PubMed Ragni CV, Diguet N, Le Garrec JF, Novotova M, Resende TP, Pop S, Charon N, Guillemot L, Kitasato L, Badouel C, Dufour A, Olivo-Marin JC, Trouvé A, McNeill H, Meilhac SM. (2017): Amotl1 mediates sequestration of the Hippo effector Yap1 downstream of Fat4 to restrict heart growth. Nat Commun 27: 14582.
PubMed Misuth M, Joniova J, Horvath D, Dzurova L, Nichtova Z, Novotova M, Miskovsky P, Stroffekova K, Huntosova V. (2017): The flashlights on a distinct role of protein kinase C δ: Phosphorylation of regulatory and catalytic domain upon oxidative stress in glioma cells. Cell Signal 34: 11–22.
PubMed Huntosova V, Novotova M, Nichtova Z, Balogova L, Maslanakova M, Petrovajova D, Stroffekova K (2017): Assessing light-independent effects of hypericin on cell viability, ultrastructure and metabolism in human glioma and endothelial cells. Toxicol In Vitro 40: 184–195.
Novotova M, Tarabova B, Tylkova L, Ventura-Clapier R, Zahradnik I (2016): Ultrastructural remodelling of slow skeletal muscle fibres in creatine kinase deficient mice: a quantitative study. Gen Physiol Biophys 35: 477–486.
PLoSBiology Cagalinec M, Liiv M, Hodurova Z, Hickey MA, Vaarmann A, Mandel M, Zeb A, Choubey V, Kuum M, Safiulina D, Vasar E, Veksler V, Kaasik A (2016): Role of mitochondrial dynamics in neuronal development: Mechanism for wolfram syndrome. PLoS Biol 14: e1002511.
SciRep Zukal J, Bandouchova H, Brichta J, Cmokova A, Jaron KS, Kolarik M, Kovacova V, Kubatova A, Novakova A, Orlov O, Pikula J, Presetnik P, Suba J, Zahradnikova A Jr, Martinkova N (2016): White-nose syndrome without borders: Pseudogymnoascus destructans infection tolerated in Europe and Palearctic Asia but not in North America. Sci Rep 6: 19829.
v2 Lucan RK, Bandouchova H, Bartonicka T, Pikula J, Zahradnikova A Jr, Zukal J, Martinkova N (2016): Ectoparasites may serve as vectors for the white-nose syndrome fungus. Parasit Vectors 9: 16.
JGP Petrovic P, Valent I, Cocherova E, Pavelkova J, Zahradnikova A (2015): Ryanodine receptor gating controls generation of diastolic calcium waves in cardiac myocytes. J Gen Physiol 145: 489-511.
YBERC Hotka M, Zahradnik I (2014): Correction of the cross-talk error in cell membrane impedance analysis. In: YBERC 2014. Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Proceedings of The 6th International Young Biomedical Engineers and Researchers Conference, July 2-4, 2014, p. 31-34. ISBN 978–80–971697–0–1.
Adept Hotka M, Zahradnik I (2014): High resolution measurement of electrical impedance of excitable cells. In: Adept 2014. 2nd International Conference on Advances in Electronic and Photonic Technologies, Tatranská Lomnica, June 1-4, 2014, Proceedings of Adept, p. 55-58.
Metallomics Huntosova V, Stroffekova K, Wagnieres G, Novotova M, Nichtova Z, Miskovsky P (2014): Endosomes: guardians against [Ru(Phen)] photo-action in endothelial cells during in vivo pO2 detection? Metallomics 6: 2279-2289.
ActaCryst Borko L, Bauerova-Hlinkova V, Hostinova E, Gasparik J, Beck K, Lai FA, Zahradnikova A, Sevcik J (2014): Structural insights into the human RyR2 N-terminal region involved in cardiac arrhythmias. Acta Cryst D70: 2897–2912.
JPhysiol3 Caffin F, Prola A, Piquereau J, Novotova M, David DJ, Garnier A, Fortin D, Alavi M, Veksler V, Ventura-Clapier R, Joubert F (2013): Altered skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis but improved endurance capacity in trained OPA1-deficient mice. J Physiol 591: 6017-37.
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PLoSOne Janicek R, Hotka M, Zahradnikova-Jr A, Zahradnikova A, Zahradnik I (2013): Quantitative analysis of calcium spikes in noisy fluorescent background. PLoS One 8: e64394.
FrontiersPhysiol Piquereau J, Caffin F, Novotova M, Lemaire C, Veksler V, Garnier A, Ventura-Clapier R, Joubert F (2013): Mitochondrial dynamics in the adult cardiomyocytes: which roles for a highly specialized cell? Front Physiol 4: 102.