Ion channels

Patch clamp amplifiers Axopatch 1C a 200B (Axon Instruments), Warner BC-535 (Warner Instruments), Digidata 1200, 1322A a 1550A (Molecular Devices), ultracentrifuge TL-100 (Beckman Coulter) 

Contact: Marta Gaburjáková, PhD.

Method of  “ion channel reconstitution in a planar lipid membrane (BLM)” is mostly used for:

  • characterization of functional properties of intracellular ion channels
  • recording of ion currents via open ion channels
  • examination of one ion channel (one macromolecule)  function

The principal topic of our research is functional regulation of the ryanodine receptor (RYR). It is one of the biggest intracellular Ca2+ channel that plays essential role in Ca2+ release from the lumen of intracellular stores to cytoplasm leading to muscle contraction.